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NURTURE: Off to Texas!

January 5, 2012

My baby has been sitting…but not for long! Off to Texas we go on a glorious two month spree. Together with the likes of Elizabeth Gregory and company, NURTURE will become larger than life as several hundred people again read about pioneers like Frieda Birnbaum and Fay Johnson; Jordanna Hertz and Laura Pope – women whose life-choices defy age and were made regardless of race, religion and creed.   As it is, we have nearly 30 more amazing women we’d love to add into our current show! My next project? I’d love to do something about gay fathers.

America has passed what I believe is a major milestone. No longer can we afford to look at family as a traditional two-parent configuration with two children (of differing sexes, no less), living in a house behind the white picket fence. Today, family means everything from a single mom/dad with one child, to same-sex parents (or heterosexual) with a myriad of children – created through fostering, adoption and many methods. Sometimes older children find families for the first time; sometimes Midlife Mothers opt for medical technology or obtain children by means they would not have dreamed of, years prior.

We are a creative bunch, us Midlife Mothers. We need to be. In many cases, biology has not allowed us to have what we had hoped, when we had hoped. However, we have proven time and time again, that chronological age has no boundaries.

We remain a force to be reckoned with, and we are growing!

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