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NURTURE: Coming Back Home

June 8, 2011

I’ve re-read this past year’s worth of NURTURE posts – a diary of sorts about my “baby” and its growth. Although NURTURE has grown exponentially, both in breadth and stature, it is truly I who have grown  – in confidence, in remaining on an even keel regarding this, in allowing for transparency when necessary, and in just accepting (more about) life and what it offers.

Not just  preparing a delicious meal and serving it up (the stages of NURTURE), I’ve come to realize that the origination, creation, and inception of this project served a much greater purpose for me.  Despite an incredibly liberal upbringing, which included tolerance and acceptance of all, I carried many internal biases toward individuals, lifestyles and ideologies – reflections of my own fears and personal demons.

Now, I can honestly say that having been blessed with the acquaintance of so many, and given the honor of walking through the front door and into their lives, I have now become a “love machine.” For me, families, relationships and motherhood now represent only one simple thing: LOVE.  It is a realization that is both freeing and welcome.

Today, I no longer wince when hearing about certain afflictions which people may have; turn away when seeing what others may believe are idiosyncratic family units; nor do I make any judgments about people’s life choices and life paths.

So, there you have it. I’ve grown up. For many, many years, I reread a famous quote with despair that I would not fully comprehend nor ingest its truth in my lifetime. I can honestly say I now embrace and understand Mahatma Gandhi’s saying, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I hope my tiny ripple will, in some small way, help create a greater wave.

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