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NURTURE: Launched to NY on 3/3/11!

March 6, 2011

(Or Learning Life Lessons in How to Parent)

How can I convey the glee I feel now that my baby has launched! Not the big-time, like going off to college, here… just a light-hearted movement out into the world. 

I promise that I will do everything possible to gently support and encourage, not scream and press on.

I promise that I will welcome all responses and respond only when I am asked.

I promise that I will smile at the appropriate time and not make any comments that would embarrass.

This show is a testament to my perseverance and fortitude, and it is teaching me, just like my children have, to use patience, restraint and resolve, while employing gratitude, intent and love.

It’s so simple, and so brilliant!

We’re moving forward and (I’m) growing up along the way …

Stay with us…

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