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NURTURE: A Subject in Waiting

February 1, 2011

What does one do when one’s baby does not perform up to expectations?  When the potential and possibilities seem endless, but the end result does not happen as expected?  I’m having a dilemma with my baby, NURTURE. I am doing everything possible to create scenarios which would potentially work for her – I’m making myself available for whatever she needs;  I’m even waiting patiently for her progress and development to catch up to my desires and expectations.  And, still I sit and wait.

I think that every single thing in one’s life can provide lessons for daily living.  Every situation, every person we meet, every experience we have can either be utilized and capitalized upon, or discarded and filed away under a host of categories: too painful, unrequiting, anger producing, non-resultant, etc.

Although I have several irons in the fire, much has yet to materialize into a concrete application.

What’s a mother to do?

I aim to learn from everything in my life.  I aim to learn the fine art of patience, acceptance, submission, compassion and be available to my friends and family as much as possible.  In my previous life, it was all I could do to just take care of myself, by myself.

Therefore, I will continue to try to swaddle this baby with love and a gentle resignation of sorts. She’s very much mine and I’ll keep her, in whatever incarnation she becomes. I will accept the final results, with best intentions and unconditional love.

UPDATE! (2/1/11)

Patience and persistence do count for something: we’re going to NY on March 3 and have irons in the fire in Los Angeles, Houston and Northampton (and more). Stay tuned for this! We’re also collaborating on other projects.  Regardless, I love my baby!

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