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NURTURE: The Desire to Succeed

February 9, 2011

I am struck by something that I must explore, and it is this: that everyone working on NURTURE has
unveiled and revealed a level of quality that wasn’t expected, wasn’t requested, and was nearly always
matched. While I think that my contribution to NURTURE is the finest work I’ve ever done, I know that
both NURTURE: Stories of New Midlife Mothers photographers, Shana and Tracy, matched me (as I’ve
said before) word for word, photo to photo.

Now, we’re into the next phase of our project – the new blog, – another
creative entity for which I easily found (and was attracted to) the best writers I think I could find. I’m
delighted. They are pioneers in their own right; amazing, remarkable new midlife mothers with vastly
differing lifestyles and perspectives. Isn’t this what it’s all about? Supporting and helping those who
make life choices irrelevant of age? That’s what we’re all about at We owe this to
ourselves and every other woman out there.

Next, our very latest phase of our project is still hiding in the shadows, in secret. All I will say is that the
collaborators on this end have more than admirably stepped up to the plate. I am thrilled with the end
result, but this all causes me much contemplation.

What has happened during this process? What has made this all so successful and just provided
profoundly quality work?

I think it’s a mirror for the NURTURING we’ve so aptly explored – of mothers who just couldn’t stop until
they’d grabbed hold of their dreams to procreate and create families, to experience motherhood, and
to just “be” who they really are. I owe a very big kudos to the Universe. I think it has supported me and
them in a way we might not have imagined possible.

So, on we go forging new paths, exploring new ventures. I think this is what it’s all about. And, I hope
we’ve helped redefine middle age in the process.

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